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    Our Patients

    • “The level of expertise and care is beyond imagination. Dr. Helfet is an artist.”

      ~ Herve Duteil

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    • “I immediately felt taken care of and safe after a traumatic time.”

      ~ Kathleen Wells

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    • “Dr. Helfet saved my leg. I was told I could never walk again. He is the best in the whole world.”

      ~ Patricia Valero

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    • “I was comforted and reassured that I was in good hands now and on the road to recovery.”

      ~ Lana

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    • “I will be forever grateful to these amazing doctors.”

      ~ Olivia D’Angelo

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    • “I can live a normal life and enjoy life once again.”

      ~ Ron Pollicino

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    • “We never would have gotten through this without HSS.”

      ~ Robert Casale

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