About NY Fracture Care

About New York Fracture Care

New York Fracture Care (NYFC) treats a wide variety of broken bones and is comprised of expert staff of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery and New York Presbyterian Hospital.

NYFC provides top orthopaedic care for broken bones. We treat a wide variety of injuries ranging from isolated fractures to complex orthopaedic trauma. We also have excellent resources for transferring patients, when needed, domestically and internationally for specialized care.

NYFC is world-renowned for expert patient care with top-rated Orthopaedic Surgeons. We also are well known for extensive research in the speciality of Orthopaedic Trauma, which is presented in scientific conferences both nationally and internationally and widely published in leading medical journals.

New York Fracture Care comprises the Orthopaedic Trauma resources of both the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), founded in 1863, and New York Presbyterian Hospital, founded in 1771. HSS is ranked #1 in the country for Orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report Best Hospital 2015-16 rankings and is the first hospital in New York State to receive Magnet Recognition for Nursing Excellence three consecutive times. HSS is also the official hospital for 20 elite and professional sports organizations.

Through New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH), and the NYPH Emergency Department we are can care for complex orthopedic trauma from everything from sports injuries, car and motorcycle accidents, falls, polytrauma and a variety of injuries. Our specialists are teaching staff for Orthopaedic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and involved in Orthopaedic Residency education.

We also take pride in dedication to optimizing patient outcomes and compassionate patient care. We always take time to discuss everything from the diagnosis, treatment options, to optimizing recovery and physical therapy. We look forward to speaking with you and offering optimized services for orthopaedic care.

We treat isolated and complex fractures of the upper and lower extremities, including the pelvis and acetabulum, humerus, radius and ulna, femur, tibia and fibula, patella, shoulder, scapula, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, pilon, talus, calcaneous, hand and foot. We also specialize in broken bones and stress fractures in athletes, nonunions (unhealed fractures), malunions and correction of deformity and limb length discrepancies, poly-trauma, hip dysplasia. No orthopaedic trauma is too complex and we look forward to providing our services.

Our number one goal will always be to provide world leading orthopaedic care to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Our Patients

  • “We never would have gotten through this without HSS.”

    ~ Robert Casale

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  • “I was comforted and reassured that I was in good hands now and on the road to recovery.”

    ~ Lana

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  • “The entire hospital staff were just amazing from the instant we rolled through the doors throughout the entire stay.”

    ~ Victor Katz

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  • “I immediately felt taken care of and safe after a traumatic time.”

    ~ Kathleen Wells

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  • “There was the possibility for the first time to live a full and adventurous life that I had always dreamed of.”

    ~ Devon Reynolds

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  • “Being an international patient, the welcome in that department was like home!”

    ~ Cecilia Chlimper de Batievsky

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  • “I can live a normal life and enjoy life once again.”

    ~ Ron Pollicino

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