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There are several ways to visit the Orthopedic Trauma Service.

Scheduled Appointments

If you or a loved one is in need of orthopedic fracture care, appointments can be scheduled over the phone through each HSS physician office. You can also schedule an appointment by simply filling out our form below.

Contact Information

While we ensure that your message is being handled professionally, the contact form is not a secure communication. Please do not leave sensitive medical information in your inquiry.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s ER

Patients can arrive through the Emergency Room at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH).

Hospital-to-Hospital Transfer

A third option for patients coming to the OTS is through a hospital-to-hospital transfer. Once a patient has been accepted by the Hospital for Special Surgery OTS, a nurse coordinator will handle the transfer and all logistical issues.

International Patients

Patients coming to Hospital for Special Surgery from overseas can contact The International Center for assistance and for any special needs that may be required.

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Our Patients

  • “I immediately felt taken care of and safe after a traumatic time.”

    ~ Kathleen Wells

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  • “I got back up on my snowboard a month ago!”

    ~ Patricia Sykes

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  • “The level of expertise and care is beyond imagination. Dr. Helfet is an artist.”

    ~ Herve Duteil

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  • “Being an international patient, the welcome in that department was like home!”

    ~ Cecilia Chlimper de Batievsky

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  • “They were able to piece me back together where others were not.”

    ~ J. D. Pelaez

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  • “I will be forever grateful to these amazing doctors.”

    ~ Olivia D’Angelo

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  • “Dr. David Helfet had looked at my leg, immediately rushed me to the OR and did a 4 compartment release saving my only leg!”

    ~ Dawn Bray

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