Lana - Broken Kneecap

“I can only recommend HSS with the highest regard.”

I had a very serious accident in Israel this past summer where I broke both of my Patellas. After surgery in Israel and staying a week in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, it was recommended that I come back home to New York and see Dr. David Helfet at HSS. I was lucky enough to get an appointment for the morning after my arrival. Needless to say that it was an extremely stressful trip back home.

Flying for 12 hours without any braces on my legs for support, I couldn’t wait to land in my hometown. At 8:30 the following morning, I was wheeled in and welcomed to HSS by anyone and everyone I needed help from. Up on the second floor, I was greeted by Dr. Helfet’s staff and fellows.

I was comforted and reassured that I was in good hands now and on the road to recovery. After having x-rays done by extremely experienced technicians, I was then back in the doctor’s exam room with a team of wonderful professional people. Everyone was more than comforting, and they all took the time to explain the entire process to me. Dr. Helfet was able to promise me that I would be able to walk normally again, and even dance at my daughter’s wedding in the months to come.

I was put in braces, and given instructions on physical therapy and left with such a wonderful feeling, one which I hadn’t experienced since my accident. Over the next few weeks I progressed beautifully, however, shortly after coming out of my braces, I slipped and re-fractured my right patella.

Dr. Lou, a fellow Dr. Helfet, was on call while Dr. Helfet was away. He was so caring and wonderful and helped me so much until Dr. Helfet was back and was able to schedule surgery for me. My surgical experience was extremely comfortable. The staff, the nursing care both in the recovery room and in my regular room on the floor was above and beyond. Physical therapists, doctors, and anyone who had something to do with me were the most wonderful people I had ever met. Even the food was great.

I wound up staying in the hospital for 3 nights and I was a little sad to leave all of my new friends that I had made. I wished that I could take them all home with me. I am now scheduled to go back for a little procedure to remove my hardware in May, and I have absolutely no worries in the world. I know my time there will be very comfortable and healing.

I cannot thank Dr. Helfet, his entire staff of fellows, assistants, nurses, and office staff, for all of the kind and professional care they gave me as a patient. The staff, nurses, and doctors within the hospital have all be more than wonderful to me. As I am looking forward to being completely healed, I know that I will always remember my experiences at HSS. I am grateful for all that everyone has done for me. I can only recommend HSS with the highest regard.

Great Neck, NY

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