Pelaez - Broken Shoulder

“I completely recovered.”

I was three minutes from home after a 2-hour weekend bike ride when I was struck by a car that didn’t see me at an intersection. I don’t remember the accident but the officer said that my head hit helmet first into the oncoming car’s front windshield, only one inch from the car’s solid roof-bar which otherwise would have ended things for me. 

I then went over the top of the car, leaving my front teeth imbedded on the car’s roof and landing a good distance behind. Needless to say I was pretty banged up and was ambulanced unconscious to the local trauma hospital. The list of broken bones included my jaw, vertebrae, skull, neck, shoulder blade, collarbone, arm, ribs, and fingers.

My wife insisted I see a surgeon at HSS and was directed to the care of Dr. Helfet, Dr. Wellman, and Dr. Weiland, who along with what seemed to be everyone in the entire hospital, took a special interest in my care. They were able to piece me back together where others were not. 

Long story short, I completely recovered, am back on the bike stronger (and more careful) than ever, racing competitively again, and am supremely grateful for the care I received at Hospital for Special Surgery.

J. D. Pelaez
Short Hills, NJ

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Our Patients

  • “I immediately felt taken care of and safe after a traumatic time.”

    ~ Kathleen Wells

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  • “I was comforted and reassured that I was in good hands now and on the road to recovery.”

    ~ Lana

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  • “I can live a normal life and enjoy life once again.”

    ~ Ron Pollicino

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  • “I will be forever grateful to these amazing doctors.”

    ~ Olivia D’Angelo

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  • “Most definitely worth traveling across the country!”

    ~ H. Hope Hamill

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  • “It is thanks to them that my pain is kept under control and that I am walking again today.”

    ~ Anika Vorndamme-Cajigal

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  • “I got back up on my snowboard a month ago!”

    ~ Patricia Sykes

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