Dr. Helfet Award

Dr. David L. Helfet Recieves Award

Dr. David L. Helfet 2018 Recipient of the Society of Honorary Police Surgeons of the City of New York Inaugural Award

On May 3, 2018 the Society of Honorary Police Surgeons of the City of New York awarded the first ever such award to Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon, David L. Helfet, MD. This award recognizes the continued and untiring efforts, skill and support of Dr. Helfet to the members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) and their families.

Dr. Helfet was profoundly honored to receive this award in recognition of his work which represents a central focus to him as an orthopaedic trauma surgeon, clinician and member of the community. Members of the NYPD and New York Fire Department (NYFD), and New York State Police (NYSP) have always been a major priority to Dr. Helfet, as he truly appreciates the difficult and challenging work they all do and personal sacrifice they make daily on our behalf.

Dr. Helfet has been an honorary surgeon for the NYPD from 1999 to present, Assistant Division Physician for the NYSP from 1999 to present, and Honorary Medical Officer and Honorary Fire Officer from 2009 to present.

Dr. Helfet has had the opportunity to provide treatment to many members of the NYPD, NYFD and NYSP throughout his career. Many have presented with injuries ranging from isolated orthopaedic trauma to complex poly-trauma requiring complex surgical procedures.

The goal is always to provide the optimal treatment to enable maximal recovery and provide the best patient care possible using the most effective treatment strategies at, and with the support of, the Hospital for Special Surgery and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Meeting so many members and families of the police and fire departments and having an opportunity to be a part of their recovery is a great source of pride to Dr. Helfet.


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  • “The level of expertise and care is beyond imagination. Dr. Helfet is an artist.”

    ~ Herve Duteil

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  • “I thank the doctors at NYP/HSS for giving me my life back.”

    ~ Caitlyn Kearns

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    ~ Olivia D’Angelo

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    ~ J. D. Pelaez

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    ~ Devon Reynolds

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  • “We could not have wished for a better outcome given a very severe and untimely injury.”

    ~ James DeSousa

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