Cecilia - Femur Fracture

“I sincerely have only good memories.”

I arrived at HSS after being recommended by my doctors in Lima. After a femur fracture on June 2013, I underwent surgery in Lima. Two months later, I developed an infection. Doctors here treated me with antibiotics, but could not perform another surgery as the bone was not yet cured.

After 5 months, in Nov. 2013, my doctors recommended HSS. I was first seen by Dr. David Helfet, who performed surgery the next day. Miraculously, after a good “car wash”, he and his staff were able to take away the hardware and discovered the bone was cured.

I stayed at HSS for 11 days, and from then on, Dr. Andy Miller, the best infectiologist in the world, carefully administered the antibiotics needed, for one whole month. When I left HSS I must say THEY NEVER LEFT ME. When I was prepared with a pit-line, the specialists came to the hotel I stayed and showed me how to administer the antibiotics daily. It was easier than I had thought.

Simultaneously, I was visited by a nurse who made blood tests and also was seen by the doctors who treated me. I never felt alone or left on my own. Finally, after 3 months of this episode, I returned to my daily brisk walks of 10 kms. (1 hour ten mins.)

God bless the doctors and staff at HSS. Being an international patient, the welcome in that department was like home! Wonderful people, all of them!

Since then, I have become a marketing person for free. Many friends have gone there and returned as happy as me. It has been a privilege I thank every night to be able to go there.

I have no words to describe the feeling of support, concern and affection I received by all the people I met at HSS, from the moment I stepped in until the day I said goodbye.

To say something bad (otherwise you will think I was bribed to give only good opinions), I recommended the food could improve and also the quality of the sheets. But then again, I lost a few pounds, which was good, and also I appreciated my own sheets more than I did before!

Thanks to all the people I met at HSS, including the doctors, of course, I sincerely have only good memories of my long stay in NY. I might break another leg to go back to them. And if I get to download the pictures taken in Riviera Maya, Mexico 8 months after this story (I was being pushed from my feet by two dolphins), you will see how strong and happy they left me!

Cecilia Chlimper de Batievsky
Lima, Peru

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