Patella fractures (knee)

A 39-year-old female slipped and fell while walking on ice onto her left lower extremity and left knee. Radiographs taken in our Emergency Department revealed a left-sided transverse patella fracture.

Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) was performed and the fracture was reduced and fixed using a tension band construct. She returned for regular follow-up and healed uneventfully.

At the time of her latest follow-up visit, 13 months following fracture surgery, she has excellent radiographic and clinical results including a healed patella fracture in excellent alignment, maintenance of fixation and joint space, resolution of pain, and a return to pre-injury activities.

  • Figure A, B

    Figure A, B

    (A) Anteroposterior (AP) and (B) lateral radiographs revealing a transverse patella fracture.


  • Figure C

    Figure C

    AP and lateral radiographs 13 months following fracture surgery illustrating a healed patella fracture in excellent alignment.



Our Patients

  • “We could not have wished for a better outcome given a very severe and untimely injury.”

    ~ James DeSousa

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  • “I was able to return to my passion, which was skiing big mountains.”

    ~ Tim DiPietro

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  • “The entire hospital staff were just amazing from the instant we rolled through the doors throughout the entire stay.”

    ~ Victor Katz

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  • “Dr. Helfet saved my leg. I was told I could never walk again. He is the best in the whole world.”

    ~ Patricia Valero

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  • “They were able to piece me back together where others were not.”

    ~ J. D. Pelaez

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    ~ Lana

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  • “I will be forever grateful to these amazing doctors.”

    ~ Olivia D’Angelo

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